Infuse Complete LED Backlighting System

led backlighting system components

Create dramatic backlit features with even illumination and variable dimming.

Our Infuse™ Complete LED Backlighting System is the complete solution for evenly illuminating translucent surface materials. The custom system includes:

All components are developed per project, proven and tested to work together to create spectacular backlit features that adequately showcase your translucent surface – with the right coloration, free from hot spots, and with complete programmed control.

Infuse™ Complete LED Backlighting System can be supplemented with alternative light sources, diffusers, string LEDs, fiber optics and traditional bulbs when necessary.

Based on the design intent, GPI will help you to generate a custom backlighting solution for your project.

Infuse(TM) System Overview (1688 KB)

Infuse(TM) Specification Guide (419 KB)