Infuse Flat-Lite Custom LED Lighting Panels


Illumination encapsulated in a thin panel: design with planes of light.

Ultra thin, low-profile LED panel backlighting technology eliminates the need for light boxes and recesses to create perfectly balanced light in only a fraction of an inch.  Infuse™ Flat-Lite™ LED technology is manufactured by embedding energy-efficient, high output LEDs along the edges of a thin 5/16″ acrylic panel.  Laser-etched channels evenly distribute light across the face of the panel, providing uniform light distribution for seamless backlighting of translucent onyx, glass, stretch fabrics, and resin panels.

Typically, Infuse™ Flat-Lite™ LED panels are placed directly behind the translucent surface being lit and in front of all structural steel supports.  Eliminating the shadows lines and cold spots that can otherwise appear on the design surface leaves you with an uninterrupted surface that is evenly illuminated.

Other Flat-Lite™ advantages:

  • Thin 5/16″ profile
  • 70,000 hour minimum lifespan (lifespan can be extended via custom panel design and dimming control)
  • Little maintenance
  • Low operating costs
  • Little to no heat generation
  • Low voltage
  • Range of color temperatures available / colored RGB light available

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