Glass Surfaces for Backlighting

glass surfaces backlit

A wide range of glass forms that offer clarity and a crisp finish.

Glass finishes project sleek and refined beauty and are often used as a supplemental light source for large areas or to highlight focal points. Ranging from clear, frosted, to laminated glass panels, GPI Design offers a variety of glass options to create stylish designs that make a dramatic statement.

Engineering considerations for backlit glass systems must include structural support and proper lighting design. Transparency levels found in glass surfaces demand careful consideration when engineering the structural support systems as these steel elements can often create unwanted shadow lines and cold spots throughout the surface. The same consideration must be given to the LED lighting design to correctly blend the lighting elements to avoid hot spots and halo effects that may occur when using highly translucent glass surfaces.

Types of Glass Surfaces:

  • 100% Post consumer recycled
  • 100% Post industrial recycled
  • Structural, tempered and safety glass
  • Starfire™ crystal clear glass
  • Printed glass, textured, frosted, painted
  • Laminated, organic laminations, 3-D laminations

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