DURA-Lite Translucent Glass-Backed Stone Panels

translucent onyx stone panels

With our technology, your palette of translucent stone is now endless.

When milled to only a few millimeters, onyx, granite and marble become magnificently translucent materials, creating a palette of colors and variations that only Mother Nature can provide.

DURA-Lite™ translucent panels are a thin natural stone veneer permanently bonded to a glass substrate, allowing significantly improved light transmission for backlighting applications.  By laminating natural stone to glass, you are afforded not only stronger panels, but much larger panels. Larger stone panels allow the authentic beauty of stone to stand uninterrupted, making it possible to achieve seamless, monolithic walls of backlit onyx and other natural stones.

With classic character that evokes nostalgia and timelessness, stone possesses unique movement and graining characteristics that add texture and depth to any space. Created with exotic stones extracted directly from stone quarries, DURA-Lite™ is custom sourced and manufactured per project.

  • 100% natural stone- onyx, alabaster, quartz, marble, granite
  • Natural stone provides dramatic movement and depth
  • Increased translucency for backlighting applications
  • Precise bookmatching and slipmatching
  • Larger panels reduce seams and grout lines
  • Larger panels require less structural support
  • Reduced installation times

DURA-Lite(TM) Product Information (4014 KB)

Beginning Your Custom Stone Selection

DURA-Lite™ is a highly specialized product that is custom produced for each application through a combination of your preferences and our expertise. DURA-Lite™ can be fabricated with nearly any type of stone – onyx, alabaster, granite, marble, limestone, travertine, sandstone and dolomites. We do not have standard lines, allowing us to work closely with our design clients to source a stone that meets aesthetic and technical needs. This results in a truly unique surface piece that is often equated to artwork.

Thomas Lawrence, the founder and director of GPI, discusses the inherent variances in natural stone and onyx and how to navigate the specification process.

Variables that affect stone selection include:

  • Desired colors and veining characteristics
  • Overall volume of project (some slabs are only available in very small quantities)
  • Panel sizes
  • Desired levels of translucency
  • Relationship to backlighting environment
  • Availability and rarity

To begin the stone selection process, contact GPI with general color and veining preferences (use the “Getting Started” packet below). Also forward information regarding the application, including panel sizes and overall volume. We will consult our image library of slabs to pull applicable stones and begin to narrow the selection.

GPI Getting Started: Stone Selection (386 KB)