Resin Surfaces for Backlighting

resin panels backlit

Translucent resins, vibrant colors, formable material.

With the correct backlighting techniques, resin and acrylic surfaces can provide intense color and imaginative possibility. With the ability to be thermoformed for radius corners, curved bar tops, and circular column wraps, your artistry with these products is unlimited. The lightweight nature of resin and acrylic panels offer more simple installation methods with modest structural support systems.

Many resin-based products are so translucent, attention to the structural systems and lighting design need to be considered to properly eliminate shadows, hot spots or visual identification of the structure or light source itself.

Types of Resin/Acrylic Surfaces:

  • Recycled resins
  • Recycled acrylics
  • Faux stone
  • 3-D Laminated
  • Filter panels
  • Honeycomb composites

View GPI’s custom system of backlit resin panels at Harrah’s Rincon Cafe