the evolution of integration and our resourceful process

Thomas P. Lawrence founded GPI’s predecessor, Gripco Products, Inc., in 1994. Originally specializing in natural stone supply, our philosophy emphasizing a turnkey approach quickly led to the on-site installation of large commercial stone pieces. With these experiences and subsequent observations we developed larger, thinner, exotic stone panels that increased both ease of installation and design possibilities.

Recognizing the attractive way light penetrated these materials and access to semi-precious rock quarries throughout the world inspired us to design a proprietary LED backlighting technology and begin laminating glass to our stones, allowing for better translucency besides granting more strength and stability. Our incorporation of design and engineering capabilities prompted a re-branding to GPI Design, through which we have developed a unique market niche: delivering integrated backlighting solutions for all types of translucent architectural surfaces.

By developing into a creative hub for integrated interior lighting features, GPI collaborates with world-renowned architecture, interior design, and lighting design firms. GPI’s distinctive integration of surface, structural, lighting, electrical, and installation services truly breaks the mold. With offices spanning the globe in London, Cleveland, Hong Kong, and Dubai, the world’s most creative minds come to us with ideas and we transform the concept into reality.

Founder and Director Thomas Lawrence still actively participates in the entire process- whether design consulting in architects’ war rooms, selecting custom stones knee-deep in remote quarries, or even wielding a hammer on construction installations.


We integrate all the various elements that compose your memorable design statement freeing up more time for your other deadlines.

Our History


We get involved early in the design process to infuse your designs with unique material selections and innovative engineering methods.

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Our turnkey approach lets us take full responsibility for the details from start to finish: we design, we engineer, we fabricate and install.

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Our integrated engineering and manufacturing process controls joints, seams, trims and decorative finishes down to the millimeter.

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