Flicche Translucent Wood Veneer Panels

translucent wood panels for backlighting

Age-old wood material is refined through brilliant translucency.

Milled to under .5 mm thick and laminated between two panels of glass, wood veneer becomes unexpectedly translucent while retaining its natural, organic beauty. Undulating grains, subtle imperfections, fine patterns and textures, and an ombre of warm tonalities are revealed through this veneer when illuminated with our custom LED backlighting systems. Unlike any other material, these unique Flicche™ wood veneer panels embody the treasured warmth and timelessness of age-old wood material in a redefined form.

  • Custom-sourced wood veneer material types
  • Specialty process eliminates seams and stitching for continuous panels
  • Strong patterning and visual impact with minimal material thickness
  • Appear as traditional millwork panels when not illuminated, dramatically transforms with backlighting (lighting can be programmed to automatically change between on/off and scene settings)
  • Compatible with glass hardware systems

See our Flicche™ Translucent Wood Panels installed in the backlit feature walls at the National Cancer Institute