Category: Salute to Originals

  1. Molded-Trees-Growing-Chair

    Thursday Salute to Originals: Grow Your Own Furniture

    There is no shortage of furniture designers working with wood in all forms, especially with the current popularity of reclaimed material. While the prototypical furniture maker is stocked with a workshop of utensils for cutting, sanding, gluing, and connecting, tools are not always necessary to create beautiful wood design. Today we highlight two furniture designers […]

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  2. karen-life-coach-app

    Thursday Salute to Originals: Getting to Know You

    If you are like many people, you rely on your smart devices in more ways than you even fathom. Losing your phone can feel almost like missing a limb, a split panic between being utterly out of touch with the world and fearing that someone out there has all your key contacts, to do lists, […]

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  3. banana-cell-structure-mri-scan

    Thursday Salute to Originals: M-R-I or A-R-T?

    It’s been said that modern medicine is more of an art than an exact science. And Andy Ellison is certainly making a convincing argument for that sentiment with his captivating and haunting images. But this creator is a little different than most – his background is as an MRI technologist and his medium is the […]

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  4. Balloon-Invasions-Car-by-Charles-Petillon

    Thursday Salute to Originals: White Balloons

    We typically think of a balloon as a weightless, airy object that floats effortlessly above the built world without ever clashing with it. Today’s artist brings the ethereal balloon down to earth, producing images that provoke thought about materiality, density, and spatial usage. Charles Pétillon uses white balloons as an artistic intervention in public space. […]

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  5. roller-skates-people-skating-feet

    Thursday Salute to Originals: Moving in Circles

    Surfing our favorite design blogs this week, we ran across these “sidewinding circular skates” from Hammacher Schlemmer. Their strange, spacey form initially caught our attention. And when we saw how effortlessly the skates spun across the pavement and glided over grass all without the wearer’s feet ever touching the ground, we were hooked. Not only […]

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  6. tobbe-malm-bolts-nuts-art

    Thursday Salute to Originals: Boiling Sculpture Down to Nuts and Bolts

    Nuts and bolts are a key component to all of our turnkey backlit systems. Usually serving as the main attachment mechanism for our substructure, though never seen, they are absolutely essential to the success of our features. We’ve configured these staple hardware pieces in hundreds of different arrangements – horizontal, vertical, upside down, and everything […]

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  7. turbo-exploded-wall-art-installation

    Thursday Salute to Originals: An Explosive Wall Surface

    In a perfect architectural world, walls are usually flat, white, and seamlessly intersect with the wall and floor planes. Free from tolerances or cracks, generally the wall plane is designed to fade into the background, acting as a blank backdrop in space. When the wall surface is exploded, an entirely new meaning takes shape and […]

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  8. birds-nest-time-slice-photograph-timelapse

    Thursday Salute to Originals: Time Slice Photos

    Creating distinct renditions of our built environment both at specific moments and over periods of time, photography and timelapse video have a special place in the showcasing of architecture. Typically regarded as separate entities, still imagery and motion pictures document the world in completely different formats, each interpreting the subject and its facets in a […]

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  9. frozen-sand-tower-arch-wind-lake-michigan-nowicki

    Thursday Salute to Originals: A Day at the Beach in February

    What can you do at a frozen beach in the middle of February? Well, around here, not much. Mother Nature, on the other hand, seems to escape the winter doldrums by whipping up playful creations of her own. Seaside materials such as sand and water whirl into whimsical shapes held together by icy conditions. Nope, […]

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  10. ignacio-aracil-flower-sculptures

    Thursday Salute to Originals: Everlasting Spring Sculptures

    Here at our Cleveland headquarters, Old Man Winter is still in town, and honestly, he’s quickly wearing out his welcome. With the single digit high temps and several inches of snow expected throughout the week, spring doesn’t seem like its coming any time soon. However, this week, amidst the ice and snow, we stumbled upon […]

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