Category: Salute to Originals

  1. gimini-velocipedia-bike-sketch-27

    Thursday Salute to Originals: Draw a Bike

    Draw a bike. No really, get out your pen and paper and try to sketch it as accurately as possible. The request seems like a pretty simple task – after all, bicycles are something we’re familiar with from childhood on up. But as you begin your doodle, it’s likely you’ll start scratching your head. Which […]

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  2. Geometry-Club-Grid-Guidelines

    Thursday Salute to Originals: Geometry Club

    The point at which the edge of a building meets the sky is a frequent subject for design charrettes and the fodder of critique. Striking a hard edge where architecture ends and nature begins, the corner of a building is an opportunity for expression – an avenue for defining, differentiating, and impacting the view as […]

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  3. river-of-five-colors-pink-red

    Thursday Salute to Originals: Literal Watercolors

    Well, Mother Nature does it again. Cruising some of our favorite design blogs this week, we stumbled upon an amazing assemblage of color and texture. But it wasn’t found in an artist’s surrealistic painting or some man-made surface design. No, the “Liquid Rainbow” as it is affectionately called, is compliments of Mother Nature herself. The […]

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  4. pink-rose-flower-beard-man-nose-ring

    Thursday Salute to Originals: Springtime Stubble

    Usually we reserve our Thursday Original Salute for an interesting design, installation, or art piece – something that requires some type of formal artistic training or adheres to (or intentionally breaks) the principles of design. But today, we’ve decided to focus on more of a “movement” that really doesn’t fall into any of these traditional […]

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  5. muriel-bordier-staged-swimming-pool-photographs

    Thursday Salute to Originals: Honey I Shrunk the Lifeguard

    Are we controlled by our surroundings? Scale can impact the way we interact with objects, people, and space in nearly every regard. Imagine how different a workday would be if you were forced to type away at a humongous laptop or faced with making a presentation to a table full of giants. The relationship of […]

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  6. oksana-mas-easter-egg-mosaic-close-up

    Thursday Salute to Originals: Egg-stravagent Murals

    For those celebrating Easter, in a few days, Peter Cotton Tail will be hopping down the bunny trail bringing chocolate, candy, and of course, Easter Eggs. A symbol now synonymous with the holiday, Easter Eggs have been decorated for centuries and are embellished through a variety of methods – everything from the simple drugstore egg […]

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  7. hubert-duprat-caddisfly-larvae-gold-pearl-cocoon-sculputre-insect

    Thursday Salute to Originals: Insect Glamour

    With winter slowly coming to an end, warmer temperatures are right around the corner. Not only will the thaw bring shorts and tank tops come out of hibernation, but it will also bring the bugs. Most people aren’t big fans of the little creepy-crawly creatures that buzz, sting, bite, and annoy during the warmer months. […]

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  8. jason-freeny-gummy-bear-ballon-dog-skeleton

    Thursday Salute to Originals: Childhood in X-ray Vision

    Archaeologists are known for digging beyond the surface, peeling back layers of earth to find out what really exists below. Their realm of expertise is generally confined to the dirt though, artfully sifting through the soil to pinpoint concealed bones and artifacts; it’s almost like they have some kind of specialized x-ray hindsight into the […]

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  9. Arterrae-Google-Earth-Landscape-4

    Thursday Salute to Originals: Google Landscapes

    Google allows us to experience the world both microscopically and macroscopically. From custom local searches for a pizza joint to browsing worldwide discussion forums, the search engine puts us in touch with information at every scale. We are glued to our smartphones for answers and results at the push of a button, so much that […]

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  10. stranger-visions-heather-dewey-hagborg-two-faces

    Thursday Salute to Originals: Artist Hijacks DNA

    We leave traces of ourselves everywhere. Whether it’s a stray hair, a chewed piece of gum, or lip prints on a wine glass, little bits of our genetic makeup act as a genomic trail of breadcrumbs revealing where we’ve been. Normally, we don’t think twice about these little unaccounted pieces DNA; most of the time […]

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