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  1. Vegetables-Artwork-Carrots-Sliced-Composition

    Thursday Salute to Originals: Seasonal Sections

    Our team has an (un)healthy obsession with section details. Hand us a drawing set, and we’ll skip over the plans and elevations straight to that technical wall section. Take us to a jobsite, and you’ll likely find us trying to pull something apart to get an inside view of the construction. But this obsession doesn’t […]

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  2. Hugging-Machine-Wooden-Sculpture

    Thursday Salute to Originals: Mechanics of Hugging

    We rely on machines for so many aspects of our lives – from meeting the basic needs of preparing food, to communicating with others, to transporting our bodies through the environment, and more. And even when the machine’s involvement is not seen firsthand (such as the conveyor belt which sorted and packed your food before […]

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  3. Gil-Batle-Carved-Eggshell-Art

    Thursday Salute to Originals: Delicate Prison Illustrations

    Prison, art, and ostrich eggs. A strange combination to say the least. One a criminal reformatory, the other touted as high-end visual culture, and the next a very hearty – albeit unusual – breakfast, it seems these have nothing in common. Unless inmate-turned-artist, Gil Batle, is involved, of course; then it makes total sense! After […]

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  4. Peacock-Feathers-Green-Blue-Detail

    Thursday Salute to Originals: Feathers

    There’s no arguing that Mother Nature is quite the artist. In looking at her works -landscapes, sunsets, plants, animals, and our specialty, stone- it’s easy to be awed and inspired by her aesthetic eye. But it is feathers that have caught our attention recently. After reading about a new archaeological discovery of feathers on a […]

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  5. Winchester-Mansion-Door-To-Nowhere

    Thursday Salute to Originals: Winchester Mansion

    There’s no shortage of haunted house attractions this time of the year. Dark foggy mazes filled with goblins, monsters, and ghostly aberrations seem to be the go-to activity for those brave souls wanting an extra fright around All Hallow’s Eve. But this season’s creepiest haunted houses are no match for one authentically twisted California residence. […]

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  6. Rozalski-Steampunk-Painting

    Thursday Salute to Originals: Revising the Past

    Since the Industrial Era created a new sense of curiosity for what the future holds, people have been imagining what life would have been like if these new technologies were with us all along. In fact, there has been a rising trend known as “Steampunk” that attempts to encapsulate this exact concept. From conventions to […]

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  7. olive-trees-van-gogh-oil-painting

    Thursday Salute to Originals: Growing Van Gogh

    Recreating one of Van Gogh’s paintings by hand would be quite a feat in and of itself. Trying to replicate the exact brush strokes and hues that comprise his famous works would be extremely painstaking and tedious. But how about recreating his art with unpredictable nature as the medium?  Can it even be done? Surprisingly, […]

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  8. mccamish-pavilion-entry-wood-ceiling

    Impactful Entry Space: McCamish Pavilion

    In this Impactful Entry Space blog series, we will feature a designer or artist that has created an attention-grabbing design for the main lobby space of a building. Drawing inspiration from completed entry spaces around the world, we travel beyond the image by diving into the design process and concepts behind it. Today, we feature our interview […]

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  9. what-color-is-it-clock-time-hue

    Thursday Salute to Originals: The Color of Time

    Time can be measured many different ways. You can look at your watch or phone of course, but you can also track the sun’s path across the sky, watch the tides fade in and out, even count the rings of a tree (although you might be waiting around awhile if you go that route).  But […]

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  10. Nameless-Paint-Colors-Ima-Moteki

    Thursday Salute to Originals: Colors Anonymous

    One of the best parts about going back to school was always that fresh new box of crayons. The Burnt Siennas, Cornflower Blues and Carnation Pinks neatly sharpened, unbroken, and nestled in their respective slots, just beckoning to fill pages of the coloring book with their glorious hues. But what if when you went to […]

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