Archive: Oct 2010

  1. Top 3 Tips for Designing with Backlit Glass Panels

    Designing with translucent surfaces, structure, and backlighting is a delicate balance– those are three difficult materials to make work together. There are several methods to illuminate glass panels with backlighting, and chances are if you’re creating a ceiling or wall, then you have little space in which to throw the light. Because glass is a […]

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  2. Backlighting Corian Surfaces: A Brief Case Study

    Considering highlighting a countertop or reception desk with an illuminated white surface? At a recent project for a custom reception desk, smooth white Corian® surfaces were illuminated by GPI’s custom LED backlighting system. Providing an intriguing focal point, the luminous desk has clean lines and a sleek white appearance that was fitting for the space […]

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