Archive: Nov 2014

  1. Backlit-Food-Meal

    Throwback Thanksgiving: Possibilities on Your Plate

    This Thanksgiving, we’re throwing it back to an original blost post we wrote for the 2011 holiday. As time passes the team here tends to do stranger and stranger lighting experiments with our foods (backlit PB&J, anyone?), but our fascination with lighting and texture certainly hasn’t changed. Original post: With Turkey Day just hours away, […]

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  2. Thursday Salute to Originals: Basecamp of Impressions

    Braving the cold weather in the Southern Alps is no easy feat. As Clevelanders, we have only been braving this winter’s cold for one week and it already feels awfully imposing! This dedicated artist must be either abnormally warm-blooded, or a zealous believer in nature’s beauty. Camped out in the Alps at over at 2,000 […]

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  3. Thursday Salute to Originals: The Toynbee Tiles

    You’ve probably heard of Banksy, the edgy graffiti artist who works undercover. Popping up on urban buildings worldwide, Banksy’s work is notorious for its political undertones, admirable for its visual creativity, and often disruptive. As infamous as Banksy is, there is another incognito urban art form that you may be less familiar with, one that […]

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  4. Thursday Salute to Originals: Color Coding

    There is something strangely satisfying about order. A straightened office, a clean living room, or a well thought out workshop can create a sense of serenity and control. Maybe for designers it’s a clean grid of columns or a dead-on detail. We often think about order being established through the physical position of objects. By […]

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