Archive: Feb 2015

  1. Thursday Salute to Originals: A Day at the Beach in February

    What can you do at a frozen beach in the middle of February? Well, around here, not much. Mother Nature, on the other hand, seems to escape the winter doldrums by whipping up playful creations of her own. Seaside materials such as sand and water whirl into whimsical shapes held together by icy conditions. Nope, […]

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  2. Thursday Salute to Originals: Everlasting Spring Sculptures

    Here at our Cleveland headquarters, Old Man Winter is still in town, and honestly, he’s quickly wearing out his welcome. With the single digit high temps and several inches of snow expected throughout the week, spring doesn’t seem like its coming any time soon. However, this week, amidst the ice and snow, we stumbled upon […]

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  3. Impactful Entry Space: Four Seasons Beijing

    In this Impactful Entry Space blog series, we will feature a designer or artist that has created an attention-grabbing design for the main lobby space of a building. Drawing inspiration from completed entry spaces around the world, we travel beyond the image by diving into the design process and concepts behind it. Today, we feature […]

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  4. Thursday Salute to Originals: Moonlight Within Reach

    The moon holds a mysterious pull (no gravity pun intended) that has inspired innovative minds for centuries. From Galileo’s antiquated moon phase drawings of the 1600s, to more modern abstract photographers incorporating the glowing orb as a prop, the celestial body is a creative muse. When considered for both its alluring form AND ever-shifting expression […]

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  5. Styles of Architectural Coffee Maker Structures

    Thursday Salute to Originals: An Architectural Brew

    Most of us enjoy a hearty cup of coffee in the morning, and this trend seems particularly prominent in the world of design. From keeping our eyes open during a late night AutoCAD deadline to adding energy into a hand sketch, a full cup of coffee is a staple at nearly every workstation in an […]

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