Archive: Dec 2014

  1. Backlit-Onyx-Wall-Ceiling-Mansions-Acqualina

    Thursday Salute to Originals: 365 Days of Surfaces + Light

    In 365 days, our team has accomplished many things both personally and professionally. A growing office family and increasingly challenging projects kept us on our toes, which is just how we like it. Looking back, here are the major project highlights from this year that really stood out for us: 1. One Lake’s Edge Three […]

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  2. White-Onyx-Stone-Block

    Working with Backlit Onyx Panels: From Opaque to Translucent

    The process of creating a piece of backlit onyx is one of transformation. From raw material extracted from the earth, onyx material undergoes a series of changes in making it to a final installation, illuminated in its glory. The characteristics of the stone shift at every step in the production process, making the upfront selection […]

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  3. Ho-Ho-Honut-Christmas-Donut

    Thursday Salute to Originals: The Ho-Ho-Honut

    An unexpected spin on the Christmas dinner. Meet the Ho-Ho-Honut. Combining the classic staples of a holiday feast, this savory treat may just be every designer’s dream – from compacting the footprint of a meal to paying homage to classic ingredients to maintaining an iconic form. This catchy name is more than an advertising hook, […]

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  4. Chair-Installation-Art-Nicola-Yeoman

    Thursday Salute to Originals: Recollections of Child’s Play

    Think back to your memories of building a childhood fort. This recollection is probably infused with connotations of warmth, coziness, tightly enclosed space, and found objects. While many artists express their work in clustered objects, this set designer and self-taught artist harkens back to the era of her childhood fort-building days as inspiration. Taking domestic […]

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  5. Blue-Light-Water-Projected-Art

    Thursday Salute to Originals: Water Projections

    As buildings envelopes are intended to be impermeable objects withstanding natural forces, our environment is typically constructed to tightly defend against weather. We seal against moisture in every means possible – from flashing to pitched roofs to storm drains. When water is embraced as a medium for architecture, rather than a force to be withstood, […]

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  6. Rene-Siebum-Touch-Door-Handles

    Thursday Salute to Originals: The Door Handle

    The commonplace nature of the door handle has made it so expected that, even as a functional tool interacted with on a daily basis, it gets skimmed over in our minds. Think about how many doors you opened just in your morning routine alone – you probably opened and closed a bedroom or bathroom door, […]

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