Working with Backlit Onyx Panels: From Opaque to Translucent

The process of creating a piece of backlit onyx is one of transformation. From raw material extracted from the earth, onyx material undergoes a series of changes in making it to a final installation, illuminated in its glory. The characteristics of the stone shift at every step in the production process, making the upfront selection a leap of faith as designers make initial sections on raw material.

Here is a visual timeline of a recently completed backlit onyx project, from slab to install. We highlight tips for designers to consider at every step.

Step 1: Block Selection

When the stone is still in block format, designers should be evaluating the overall quality of the onyx.

  • Check the stability and consistency of the slab by requesting core samples.

Step 2: Slab Selection

Step 3: Pattern Design

Step 4: Fabrication + Cutting

Step 5: Backlighting + Installation