In the Field | Backlit Stone Door

Day One: Overcoming Hurdles and Laying the Foundation

Embarking on our latest project—a custom-engineered backlit stone door in a Florida private residence—brought excitement and challenge. However, unforeseen circumstances disrupted our plans when a delayed flight forced us to swiftly rearrange our delivery schedule. Upon site arrival, we unloaded materials with precision, organized tools, and assessed conditions meticulously. Despite setbacks, our team maintained unwavering focus. We efficiently installed the metal structure and adjusted our workflow to make up for lost time. Transitioning to finishing touches, we installed the upper transom and worked on aligning the door frame hinge brackets. Due to space constraints, we had to remove and reposition the metal structure to secure the hinges properly, ensuring paramount installation quality by day’s end.

Day Two: Refinement and Precision

With the foundation set, we focused on finer details. Installing power and controls, establishing wire runs, and anchoring the top of the transom proved challenging due to uneven drywall, yet we persisted. Next, we installed the decorative back panel and lighting in the transom, followed by dry-fitting the stone panel to evaluate fit and lighting before permanent installation in the door frame. Meticulously installing the door closer and making final adjustments ensured seamless functionality, marking our day’s achievements.


Day Three: Perfecting Precision

Day three emphasized fine-tuning every aspect. Installing backer boards and sealing potential light leaks set the stage for meticulous attention to detail. We expertly wired the lighting feature, dry-fitted the stone, and enhanced aesthetics with carefully applied film. Final adjustments to the door closer and hinges culminated in a moment of pride as we admired our completed masterpiece.


Despite challenges, our journey showcased unwavering determination and commitment to excellence. With the installation complete, we eagerly anticipate future challenges, knowing perseverance and dedication can turn any vision into reality. Until then, we celebrate a job well done and the satisfaction of bringing our client’s vision to life.