On Our Desk: Behind the Scenes with Fallon Korinko

Welcome to our new installment of “On Our Desk,” where we offer a glimpse behind the scenes of the dynamic world of design and engineering at GPI Design. This week we are looking at what Fallon Korinko has on her desk. 
As the Studio Director, amidst her day-to-day responsibilities, Fallon’s attention also lies on a couple of new deadlines. Our director, Tom Lawrence’s sourcing trip, and red-lining new shop drawing revisions, are both worthy of a double espresso. 
After working with Tom to create a binder of stone sourcing objectives and stone types, based on our client’s preferences, Tom then takes to the air. On this trip, he will source 7 different types of exotic stones for a backlit stone elevator wall, backlit stone bowling alley walls, a backlit stone lounge bar and wall, a challenging 40’ backlit stone façade, and 2 unique backlit bar tops. Daily, Fallon will take hundreds of photos and field reports documenting possible stone selections that best suit each project. Fallon then organizes and funnels the best matching options to our awaiting clients.  When one sticks, it’s off to the design and engineering race. 
Beyond simply selecting stone based on appearance, Fallon helps identify nuances and imbalances that might impact the final outcome. You see, it isn’t about the stone as a mighty, timeless building material anymore, per the usual. These stone panels are now a one-of-a-kind LENS, and a transformative one at that. A stone that appears suitable in its reflective form many times unveils depths of characteristics when properly illuminated as a transparent surface form.  Each option will require different adjustments to our structural and lighting design approach. Fallons aptitude for identifying these challenges preserves precious time and resources while making stone choices. 
In addition to facilitating the sourcing process, Fallon will also be deeply involved in the engineering phase of the backlit stone bar project in Los Angeles and a 40’ backlit glass project in Miami. This week, you will find her meticulously reviewing and marking up shop drawings, ensuring that every detail aligns with the designers vision. 
 Navigating the intricate balance of design, sourcing, and engineering, collaboration and conscientious detailing with our interior design team and lighting designers remain Fallons guiding principles. 
Stay tuned for more insights from behind the scenes, right here on “On Our Desk.”