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  1. Part 1 of An Exploration of Color: Countless Choices for Backlit Onyx Design

    For many, the word “onyx” evokes images of shiny black beads embedded in jewelry.  Yet as interesting as light-up gemstone necklaces sound, GPI Design creates features with a different sort of onyx, a sort of “jewelry for your walls”.  The world of onyx natural stone is a large one, filled with many colors, banding, and […]

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  2. Granite Joins Your Translucent Stone Palette

    “Delicate”, “soaring”, “sparkling”, “translucent”… when it comes to building materials, natural granite doesn’t typically produce such evocative descriptions. Think “granite” and most designers recall images of residential countertops, traditional lobby floors, historical stone monuments, and heavy building foundations. Associated with durability, heaviness, and traditional forms, granite is found in the palette of traditional architects and […]

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