Integrate Anything with FLAT Lite LED Panels

Our design team is continuously building our materials library with the latest and greatest in architectural surfaces. Backlighting translucent surfaces is what we do best- especially if you’re crunched for space and need even illumination across a surface. Based on the properties of the surface you choose, we’ll provide consultation for lighting systems and construction details to achieve your intended lighting effect.

Backlit Translucent Surface Materials GPI Design

The GPI Design team can provide backlighting for virtually any translucent surface you can dream up. Here’s just a sampling of recent products we’ve been integrating with our FLAT-Lite™ LED panels:

  • Glass (recycled, printed, frosted)
  • Resin / plastic / acrylic / polycarbonate / PETG
  • Stretch fabrics>
  • Translucent honeycomb panels
  • Screens

Interior designers, architects, spec. writers, contractors – what new products are you itching to use but haven’t found the right application for yet?