Environmental Awareness in Glass, Stone and Fabric Products

GPI’s environmental policy is straightforward: if it harms the environment, we avoid it. It is evident in everything we do here, form the cars we drive to the fluorescent-free lighting in our offices to recycling our own paper. You will find forward-thinking in our partnerships, in our processes and in our products. We believe our designs have an impact, maybe small, but an impact nonetheless. What matters most is that we are doing our best to influence smart, sustainable design and we are proud of our long history of environmentally-conscious design instilled by director Thomas Lawrence.

GPI Design/GPI International is committed to avoiding harmful environmental processes.

  • We use thin slices, just fractions of Mother Earth in our DURA-Lite™ natural stone panels (renewable).
  • With thin, lightweight panels, our shipping footprint is a fraction of typical stone shipping footprints.
  • Our custom natural stone panel fabrication produces up to 35% less waste.
  • Our FLAT-Lite™ LED panels use very little energy and last for years and years.
  • Our FLAT-Lite™ LED panels generate no heat, or hazardous material waste.
  • Lighter, thinner products allow substantially less steel needed in our structural systems.
  • We offer recycled glass products including a 100% post-consumer waste glass panel.
  • Our PVC used in our stretch fabrics is 100% recycled.
  • Increasing the use of wall panel substrates with recycled and no formaldehyde-added content.
  • We are using or converting to aqueous-based adhesives and top coats with low emitting volatile organic compounds (VOC’s).
  • We use only HAPS compliant coatings.
  • All saw dust produced in our manufacturing process is recycled.
  • All low VOC solvents used in manufacturing are recycled.
  • We recycle cardboard, clear plastic and paper used in our offices.
  • We use LOW Emission and hybrid vehicles for company transportation.
  • Protection and sustained yield management are strictly enforced.
  • We no longer print marketing sales aids, all tech info and product sheets are sent electronically.
  • When we do print in the office, we use “spranq eco sans” font that uses 20% less ink.

In doing our part to protect the environment, we will continue to pursue ways to find new, more sustainable solutions for our company and clients.