GPI Begins Backlit Onyx Install at LEED Certified Office Building

This week marks the long awaited kickoff of the installation of our Wells Fargo Center job in Norfolk, Viriginia.  From the time a project is initiated to the actual installation, there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes.  Here’s just a little taste of why we’re so excited to finally be on the construction site:

Wells Fargo Center Lobby Rendering

Above: Design rendering of lobby features by Davis Carter Scott Design

1.  The Wells Fargo Center Office Tower is close to the hearts of Norfolk residents: despite a tough economic climate, the owners and developers pushed the project through with subsidies.

2. The orange Mercury onyx that the designers chose for this project is pretty unique (see below photograph of the unlit stone) and is sure to look gorgeous all lit up.  Can’t wait to get those stone photos up on the website!

3. All of the corners are meticulously quirk mitered and have been detailed down the the millimeter, so the vertical reveals are a clean architectural detail.

4. The tolerances on our products are pretty low, so the size of all the stone panels, LED panels, trims, and fasteners have also been detailed down to the mm before production.

5. We’ve gone to great lengths to make sure the book matched  seams are perfect.  So we’ve been harping on our stone guys to make the perfect cuts and account for stone waste.

6. Every single component will arrive on site at the same time; stone, LED panels, wiring, all of our tools, our crews, even stainless steel trims.  That’s a whole lot of coordination!

7. This marks the second large commercial job which will be using our NEWLY engineered increased capacity FLAT-Lite™ power supplies with integrated dimming capability.  So full dimming control can be achieved through the Lutron BMS, and can be set for each individual interior lighting scene!

After months of coordinating between the general contractor, electrical subcontractor, millwork subs, and owner to make sure everything goes smoothly, tomorrow the ball drops – check in daily for updates on the construction process.

Thanks to all those GPI installers who behaved themselves on St. Patrick’s day to prepare for the trip to Norfolk!

Update: view the Wells Fargo Center completed project >