Standing On Your Desk: Staying Invigorated in the Design Process

My first professor in architecture school concluded our first quarter of design lab by suddenly ordering us to get up from our seats.

He instructed, “Walk four feet to your right”.

We all glanced at each other, puzzled, wondering why he interrupted our deep stares into our Mac computer screens plastered in AutoCAD and Photoshop.  

Now walk four feet away from your desk. What do you see?”  

We moaned and groaned, as for some of us this was the most exercise we’d had since studio began.  Looking around, the view hadn’t really changed.

Now climb four feet upwards and stand on top of your desk.  What do you see?”  

We viewed the scene from our new perches, high above the wall dividers and scrambled piles of junk on the studio floor.  

See how much your perspective can change just from making one strategic move in the right direction?

Just as everyone sees space differently, so is the perception of obstacles.  We can often feel limited by our everyday surroundings and confined by typical modes of perception.

As for GPI, I propose weekly meetings “standing on your desk” meetings.  Spread the word!

-Caitlin Walsh, Design Director at GPI