Architizer: A Social Network for…Buildings?

Twitter now offers location-based tweets, and now there’s a new website that allows building design searches by location.  Architizer, a new all-encompassing social media platform for architects (or should we say buildings?), ties building projects to their respective locations, design teams, consultants, and suppliers.  

“Architizer is a new way for architects to interact, show their work, and find new clients. It is a social networking website where architecture is the tool through which connections are made and relationships are built. Architizer is an open community of architects, architecture curators, critics and fans, a site designed to transcend its editorial-based peers and empower the architecture. It is the only place to see and show contemporary architectural design.” – from Architizer LinkedIn profile

Search by people, job postings, materials, project type, or firm name, among many others.  Our search for buildings that use stone materials brought up pages of innovative designs that would have probably been lost in a mainstream Google search.

If used correctly, Architizer could become an interesting tool to mix up precedent studies and expand beyond the typical publications that deliver completed projects and case studies.  If the architecture industry continues to follow the path of social media, will sharing real time updates of conceptual designs and construction progress eradicate the need for completed project portfolios?  After all, isn’t the process, not just the final photo shoot, where the most knowledge is gained?