GPI Project in Progress: Backlit Glass Panels at AED Idea Center

Project Update: LED Light Panels at AED Idea Center Installed, Glass Panels Evenly Backlit

LED Backlit Glass Panels at Columns
Backlit Glass Columns by GPI | AED Idea Center | Washington, D.C.

Architect: Studio 27 Architecture

Lighting Designer: MCLA

Application: Backlit frosted glass at eight columns

Products: GPI Infuse™ Flat-Lite™ LED Panels at 3500K lighting temperature

Integration: Diffuser films to hide lamp image and disguise hot spots, GPI Infuse™ Custom Power/Dimming Packs that communicate with Lutron 5000 Graphic Eye to balance brightness between large and small panels

This is a rough progress image from the field.  Check back for completed photographs when the dimming interface is completed!

(Blog Update 1/16/11: see the completed photographs)