Great Conversations at Neocon 2010

Thank you to all those who visited the GPI Design/Marlite booth at Neocon 2010 in Chicago.  Aside from getting many project leads, it was truly rewarding to see the excitement and positive feedback from those who are just learning about us for the first time.  Some memorable quotes from our booth visitors:

“I’ve been walking around getting all these great creative ideas but not sure how to bring it all together. This is so great!”

“Is that stone real?!”

“Your stones are like using mother nature as art pieces.”

“I’d like to use this on my next project, my client wants me to ‘pimp his space’!”

“What a great idea! How did you invent this system?” To which we explained that we didn’t stumble into this business overnight, we evolved from standard natural stone supply to exotic stone supply to complete integrated systems of surface, structure, and light.

And… the greatest finale was getting a hug and a knuckle pound from two very excited designers who were drawn into our booth just before we began disassembly!

If you missed the show or are back at your office needing inspiration, here is a photographic recap:

Thanks to all of our booth visitors for their positive energy and engaging conversations. See you next year!