Overcoming “Language” Barriers Between Designers and Suppliers

The July-August issue of Illuminate magazine opens with a pointed statement in the editor’s letter:

“there’s a chasm between those making LEDs and those attempting to employ them in the built environment”.

Ummm, Mr. Crockett, did you read our minds and/or uncover the fundamental reason GPI exists? There is a huge gap between what Jim Crocker of Illuminate refers to as “chipheads” and the architects/lighting designers that use the products to create emotional and aesthetic impacts on space.  And when we say “huge gap”, we mean the a divide the size of the Grand Canyon.  This LED fixture has great performance and controllability, but how do I ensure that it is implemented to achieve the great aesthetic impact as promised in all of the promotional literature?

Designers need guidance, or rather suppliers need to guide designers, on how to integrate fixtures into the custom millwork, detail the attachment systems to hold the LED fixture, and situate the LED fixtures in a manner that allows electricians to easily run low voltage wiring.  When these important steps are ignored, designers just don’t achieve the aesthetic they intended.

Manufacturers and designers can speak different languages. The good news is, our staff here at GPI is “multi-lingual” so to speak.  We speak supplier, owner, architect, lighting designer, electrical engineer, and even stone subcontractor. How’s that for bridging the chasm?

Photo Credit: UW Digital Collections via Flickr Creative Commons