Creating Unique Works of Art in Stone and Light

Upon the dawn of a new project, our architect and designer clients are quick to ask “do you have photographs of a similar application?”. (Part of us must think designers are trained to ask those kinds of questions, as logic and an obligation to guide the owner to make sound investments take hold in these early evaluation stages.)

Our proud answer is often, “no“. Quite frankly, we’d be bored if the answer to the question was “yes“, and so would you. GPI prides itself on achieving unique works of art in stone and light that take extreme engineering feats, technical manipulation of surfaces and lighting… resulting in architectural pieces that are rare, unusual, and downright striking.

Think of the sculptor in this photo-he is reacting both emotionally and logically to a given set of parameters to create a distinct piece. The clay product is not really the focus here (you could buy clay from anywhere); the clay is manipulated by the sculptor’s expert hands – formed through experience and insight.

The way that we work is different from what the A/D community typically expects out of a material supplier, so we like to establish early in the game that it’s in everyone’s best interest to view GPI as a member of your creative team and not just a vendor. We will work together to create exquisitely detailed features. If you’re wanting to take a risk for a truly unique piece, send us your sketches and let’s get started setting precedents for the architectural community.

Photo credit: User bdjsb7 via Flickr Creative Commons