Stone: Authenticity in a Plastic World

In your typical daily life, how many objects do you interact with that are made of stone? (Think through your day, from the time you wake up to the time you go to bed. Do you ever see or touch stone? Is it far away or within reach? Is it on the wall, floor, ceiling, or is it an object?)

Your list has probably been narrowed to your countertop, patio pavement, and maybe the exterior of your office building. Now think, have you ever seen any of those stone objects made translucent and illuminated?

Unless you’re a GPI team member or a tenant in one of our office projects, the answer to the above is probably “no”. Stone itself is not a commonplace surface, and backlit stone is even rarer, providing a refreshing jolt to the senses. When new clients come through our door or the typical mailman is out sick and has a replacement,  “oohs” and “aahs” are muttered or exclaimed upon setting eyes on our product. Backlit onyx panels line the entry walls, standing proudly seven feet tall and emitting an even glow of light. Instinctually, new visitors run their hand along the surface, almost hoping to feel for an imperfection that will confirm that “yes, this is real stone”.

It’s no coincidence that our products are typically employed in feature areas of buildings- there is something intensely compelling about a glowing stone surface. Stone panels have an aura of permanence, durability, and luxury. Lighting elements render the natural movement of the stone surface with a sense of intrigue and depth, making our artistic installations visual and tactile anchors of space. To touch is irresistible.

Tomorrow, I’ll brush my teeth with plastic toothbrush in hand, drive to work in my metal and plastic car, but after turning the cool metal handle to open the office door, I’ll make sure to pause and graze my hands over those alluring natural stone surfaces.