Exploring Layers of Texture: Backlit Onyx + Screens

Expand your design palette with imaginative interior feature wall products. Stone, wood, and light are three basic elements of nature. Layer them into an integrated assembly, and the visual effect is stunning.

A sleek alternative to backlit onyx mosaics, these backlit stone and wood screen panels create extravagant patterns for an interior feature walls and ceilings.  Combining illumination, translucency and pattern, the layered panels illuminate without evidence of structural shadows or untidy grout joints.

Flat LED Light Panel Illuminated

Above: Flat-Lite™ LED Light Panel

Translucent Honey Onyx Stone Backlit with LED Panel

Flat-Lite™ LED Light Panel + DURA-Lite™ Translucent Glass-Backed Stone

Laser Cut Wood Screen Panels

Custom laser cut wood screens (available in any custom pattern or lettering)

Backlit Honey Onyx Stone with Wood Screen

Flat-Lite™ + DURA-Lite™ + Custom Wood Screen = VOILA!

In an interplay between organic veins and geometric repetition, the wood screens frame the natural movement of the onyx. Backlit illumination increases the contrast between the surface materials, providing an intriguing focal point for commercial and hospitality spaces.