Illuminated Resin and Wood Project Wins 3Form Award

What a nice way to end a busy week here at GPI- we received our 3form award trophy for our work at the Grand Hyatt San Francisco!

3Form Best Public Space in Hospitality Award

The backlit escalator walls at the Grand Hyatt in San Francisco won the 3Form Best Public Space in Hospitality Award.  Designed by Indidesign and installed by the millworkers at Acosta & Sons, our Infuse™ LED Backlighting System was developed over many months and encompassed the surface characteristics, fastening details, and custom lighting controls.

Backlit 3form and Wood Escalator Feature Walls

It’s not surprising that Indidesign’s stunning renovation treatment swept this category – to refresh these narrow escalator runs, the designers strategically used the wall planes to bring light into this long space.  Indidesign’s description of the project:

Fumed Eucalyptus panels with embedded horizontal strips of 3Form Varia Ecoresin clad these escalator walls. The design was conceived and developed by Indidesign that researched materials and lighting solutions in the effort to create a strong and dynamic connection between the two levels of the meeting venue and visually shorten the length of the descent. The Acosta & Sons team crafted the custom panels using 3Form resin flush with the wood without exposed fasteners. Indidesign researched numerous lighting options and selected GPI Design’s Infuse™ LED Backlighting System as the most appropriate to render the panels in even illumination.

We are honored and rewarded to be a part of a great project team with stunning results. A big thank you to 3Form for sponsoring the contest and kudos on your lovely award design! If you’re around the Bay Area, be sure to pop into the Grand Hyatt and take a ride down the escalators!