GPI Design Awarded LIT Best Healthcare Lighting of 2020

GPI’s Design for a custom illuminated video wall at University Hospitals received an LIT Lighting Design Award. According to, “Each submitted design was evaluated by a grand jury panel composed of experienced and prominent academics, professionals, press members, entrepreneurs, and key leaders in the lighting industry.”

The LIT Design Awards™ were made to perceive the endeavors of gifted lighting product designers and lighting designers internationally. LIT Awards was imagined to praise creativity and advancement in the fields of lighting products and applications. We are truly honored to have received this award because this custom curved white glass video wall was built and designed to promote healing and imagination to patients undergoing treatment throughout the hospital.

The LIT Jury board individuals assessed all entries from 43 nations, based on the most elevated lighting design standards and trends, while seeking out those who have established impeccable creative and innovative designs.

Thank you to the LIT Jury board members for this astonishing award.