Backlit Acrylic Columns

New York, NY:  LaGuardia Airport is under redevelopment while keeping the airport fully functioning. Located in the B terminal, GPI Design developed and installed a custom illuminated archway directing travelers to their gates. GPI Design along with Architect HOK and Contractor VHR Construction, was able to create a sleek yet functional design to add to the existing design of the redevelopment in the B terminal. Opening the space immensely, the backlit archway communicates to the vibrant New York flare. An airport that was previously run down is now opened up, inviting travelers to have a pleasing experience in what can be a stressful adventure at times. GPI Design is honored to be a part of this project and happy to be the source of direction that appeals to one’s eye. With some challenges along the way and a lot of testing, development, and engineering, GPI was able to bring HOK’s vision of a backlit archway to life.

Background: The ongoing $5.1 billion ($4 billion construction value) Terminal B project is the largest public-private partnership in U.S. aviation history. A redevelopment model reaching for a sustainable yet resilient infrastructure. Terminal B is a great representation of New York. Pulling together an interior environment that is culturally diverse. Passengers are now able to enjoy their surroundings and environment while traveling. Including a green space, public art pieces and functional direction to complete this design as it relates to New York. This now open space is a great aspect to have with something we are dealing with currently, a pandemic. This allows the facility to easily adapt to enhanced distancing and infection-control protocols. A functional redevelopment celebrating New York and all of its beauty.

The Process: The GPI Design team, in collaboration with Architect: HOK and Contractor: VRH Construction, spent countless hours perfecting how theses backlit acrylic column archways should have sustainable function that enhances traveler’s experience.  GPI Design was able to bring HOK’s vision to life with countless testing and modifications through a full-sized mock-up. GPI Design believes whole heartedly in their full-sized mock-ups in order to produce a design that matches the initial renderings perfectly. GPI Design was especially excited to work with HOK and VRH Construction on this redevelopment of an iconic airport. With the ability to customize the color of these column archways, it allows for a variety of selections to enliven the area when desired. With custom turkey development and acutely tailored illumination, these archways make a striking artistic statement at both day and night.

About the Company: GPI Design is an engineer-build firm that creates iconic features. Through the combination of translucent material sourcing, bespoke lighting design practices, and innovative structural methods, GPI teams with architects to cultivate statements that push the boundaries of design. To learn more about GPI Design, please visit: