Introducing our Summer Intern | Bobby Turk

Summer is a time of fresh beginnings, and at GPI Design, we are thrilled to have welcomed a talented and driven intern, Bobby, to our team. A soon-to-be junior at Miami University of Ohio, Bobby, has proven to be an invaluable asset to our design team.

Going Above and Beyond

From day one, Bobby’s enthusiasm and dedication have exceeded our expectations. He has a natural curiosity for the work we do. He has the ability to figure things out on his own, and when faced with challenges, he tackles them head-on, displaying resourcefulness and problem-solving skills that are well beyond his years. His capacity to grasp complex concepts quickly and apply them to real-world scenarios has been impressive.

Seizing Opportunities

During his time with us, Bobby was presented with a unique opportunity to join our install team on-site in Temecula, California, for a backlit onyx entryway. We were impressed by his eagerness to get involved in hands-on work and his desire to learn about every aspect of our projects, particularly the field work.

Here is what he had to say about his experience, “Recently, I was given an amazing opportunity to travel with the GPI design team to Temecula California, and experience a real-world job site. The team had been tasked with designing and constructing a backlit stone surface entrance for the Great Oak Steakhouse in the Pechanga Resort Casino. Only after interning with the firm for about a month, I am so grateful to have been asked to come along, not only to help out the team but learn the systems of working on a job site, as well as learning how to overcome challenges in the field. It was exciting to see how the technical shop drawings came to life each day I was onsite. It’s a process that I haven’t had much involvement witnessing before this installation. It wasn’t easy to lift 500 pounds of tempered stone over my head at a height of nearly 15 feet. Although demanding, the process was worthwhile in the end, especially to see the finished product. Throughout the time I was there, I feel like I’ve had four considerable mentors to look up to, and that alone means so much to me. I want to give a special shout-out to Nick, the project manager, for leading the team and keeping everyone’s spirits high throughout. This experience will stick with me as I continue my career, and I am again so thankful for this opportunity. I hope to visit the Great Oak Steakhouse one day and marvel at the design through build process that I was a part of.”

A Valuable Team Player

Bobby has demonstrated technical prowess and proven to be an excellent team player, contributing lasting impacts on our team dynamics and project outcomes.

As Bobby’s summer internship draws to a close, we collectively feel a sense of pride and excitement for his future. His passion for our industry and his dedication to continuous growth and improvement are qualities that will undoubtedly propel him toward a rewarding future. We look forward to collaborating with Bobby again in the near future!

Well done, and congrats, Bobby!