Natural wood material suitable for backlighting

Did you know that real wood can be transformed into translucent panels? It’s remarkable! With its inherent warmth, natural wood panels can be milled incredibly thin to less than half a millimeter, creating a one-of-a-kind natural backlit surface option. Similar to stone, real wood establishes a timeless connection to our surrounding environment. However, when backlit, wood takes on a whole new identity, revealed in a mesmerizing transformation.

Given their delicate nature, these thin wood panels will require support at less than half a millimeter in thickness. The process we commonly use is to laminate between glass panels. This not only provides protection but also accentuates the wood’s natural movement, tonality, and beauty. Similar to natural stones, the lighting transparency of wood panels will require localized lighting adjustments to achieve a balanced effect, as the material’s natural and expressive tendencies will result in what would appear to be uneven lighting distribution if gone uncorrected.

Backlighting wood unveils a wonderful and surprising declaration, showcasing individual patterning and graceful movement unique to each piece. The character and charm of backlit wood suggest a new and delightful view of a common material, in a whole new light!