Thursday Salute to Originals: Dean Chamberlain’s Light Painting

With his one-of-a-kind technique of “painting with light”, photographer Dean Chamberlain blurs time and space to create phenomenal works of art.

Dean’s compositions can take up to five hours to capture, and it’s this methodology that allows him to deliberately render each element in a particular light quality.  During these prolonged exposures, Dean focuses on various areas of a composition with a flashlight, using color tinted gels to illuminate the various elements in the painting. With a mysterious quality to his works, Dean captures both moments and hours in a single frame.

Dean Chamberlain Light Painting 1

A cool fact that we uncovered about Dean: he knew since the age of 20 that he was destined to be a “Light Painter”.  We’re drawn to this work because it brings equal attention to both the process and the final result. One can only wonder the depth of thought that his subjects must enter when sitting in one place for hours on end!

Image credit: We Urbanist