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  1. okuda 1

    Thursday Salute to Originals: Vibrant Home Transformations

    Street artist Okuda San Miguel brings an abandoned property to life with vibrant color. Spanish native Okuda San Miguel is known for transforming properties around the globe as part of colorful public exhibits and murals. Through his latest work titled The Rainbow Embassy, Okuda is taking his public art to the U.S. in the once […]

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  2. 006

    Thursday Salute to Originals: Contemporary Classics

    Ukrainian artist Alexey Kondakov stages classical figures in contemporary urban life. Imagine the Mona Lisa serving side-eye to a construction worker or Venus getting down to EDM in a club. These are the kinds of ironic images that Alexey Kondakov creates. Lifting his subjects from classical paintings, Kondanov will stage posed women in modern-day Naples […]

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  3. power 10

    Thursday Salute to Originals: Sidewalk Canvases

    A blogger uses her new power washer to create a unique form of street art. Driveways and sidewalks are untouched canvases to artist and lifestyle blogger Dianna Wood. After receiving a power washer as a gift from her husband, Wood decided to turn the chore of cleaning the driveway into some creative fun. Similar to […]

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  4. Antony H Haylock Building 600GBP PaxtonGlew 1 960x636@2x

    Thursday Salute to Originals: Urban Miniatures

    Duo Emily Paxton and Pam Glew curate miniature models of houses, stores train cars and more. In collaboration with dozens of local street artists, England-based arts shop PaxtonGlew has created a tiny, graffiti-ridden collection of buildings titled Urban Miniatures. Unlike most model cities, this project is focused on capturing the true-to-life grit and beauty of […]

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  5. pavilion 1 960x540@2x

    Thursday Salute to Originals: Growing Gazebo

    Design studio Krown Design erects a bio-based pavilion for Dutch Design Week 2019. Designers Pascal Leboucq and Erik Klarenbeek from Krown Designs are known for creating a range of sustainable commercial pieces, from home décor to furniture and storage. Now, over the course of three years, the duo has designed The Growing Pavilion — a […]

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  6. greg 7 768x669@2x

    Thursday Salute to Originals: Sci-Fi Cardboard Creations

    Designer Greg Olijnyk creates cardboard sculptures with functional limbs and moving parts. Graphic designer Greg Olijnyk spends most of his time working on 2-D projects in his full-time career. In his free time, though, this graphic designer becomes a sculptor, creating playful sci-fi scenes from cardboard and glue. While it may not be the default […]

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  7. elian 10

    Thursday Salute to Originals: The Color Dimension

    Argentina native Elian projects flat, colorful shapes on a three-dimensional world. Around the globe, Argentinian artist Elian Chali — known as Elian — will cover massive buildings in colorful, minimalist murals that apply new life into urban landscapes. Against the backdrop of the busy city, shapes and squiggles seem to float in their own dimension. […]

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  8. bouke 8

    Thursday Salute to Originals: Re-Imagined Ceramic Shreds

    Dutch artist Bouke de Vries reinterprets pieces of historic pottery in new sculptural creations. Broken plates, shattered vases, shards of glass — all types of fragile artifacts find new life in Bouke de Vries’ creations. Since transitioning from a career in fashion alongside the likes of John Galliano in the 1990s, de Vries has been […]

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  9. WITW 201906186417 1 960x641@2x

    Thursday Salute to Originals: Toothpick Textures

    South African sculptor Chris Soal creates mixed-media sculptures from recycled materials. From toothpicks and bottle caps to concrete and industrial materials, sculptor Chris Soal will repurpose a range of found objects into conceptual, textured designs. The sculptor’s careful attention to lighting and form help craft unique and unconventional textures. In Soal’s hands, sharp and rigid […]

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  10. humen

    Thursday Salute to Originals: The Banksy of Cleveland

    An anonymous painter known as “HumenRace” has been decorating Cleveland streets with emotional art! From political statements to emotional messages, the anonymous work of Cleveland-based street artist HumenRace has been compared to England’s Banksy for its renegade style and powerful messaging. Overnight, head-turning scenes will appear on the side of storefronts, brick buildings and on […]

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  11. shin noguchi 8

    Thursday Salute to Originals: Human Photography

    Photographer Shin Noguchi captures comical human moments in street photography. Walking through the streets of Japan, photographer Shin Noguchi has an eye for capturing humorous, heartbreaking and sometimes hysterical moments of everyday life. Through his work, the photographer captures and highlights subtle expressions of Japanese culture. While his shots often take place in public spaces […]

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  12. 2019.09.10 SpenserLittle 03 960x636@2x

    Thursday Salute to Originals: Street Post Wire Frames

    California-based artist Spenser Little crafts wire-frame portraits in public spaces. For over 15 years, Spenser Little has created wire art installed on lamp posts and other public structures around the globe. Using a simple technique, Little’s work has captivated a wide audience, from pedestrians to museum patrons, with a single metal wire. The subjects of […]

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  13. pink chair 2

    Thursday Salute to Originals: Twisting Seats and Bending Benches

    Amsterdam-based designer Sebastian Brajkovic transforms classical furniture into modern, distorted sculptures. Brajkovic’s half furniture, half sculptural pieces are a conceptual exploration of motion and contortion. Inspired by literal expressions of passing time, his sculptures illustrate how physical objects come undone as they age. “I like the aspect that time is visible in the work that […]

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