Thursday Salute to Originals: Ocean Sole Flip Flop Art

How can you recycle rubber and plastic and produce extravagant works of art? Ocean Sole is a company that was founded in Kenya to promote environmental sustainability and helps provide a steady income for low-income Kenyans, all while producing inspiring pieces of art!

Ocean Sole features rare art made out of flip flops. Workers collect flip flops that have washed up on the beach from the ocean and prepare them to become a work of art. First, the flip-flops are sorted and washed. Next, the flip-flops are placed together in blocks and then are cut into forms, often in the shapes of small and large animals. Finally, after the animal shape has been cut, it is sanded and the final details are added.

Each of the artists has their own specialty when it comes to making Ocean Sole’s trademark art. Many artists feel that it is rewarding to help benefit the environment and help people. “At Ocean Sole, we are advocates of transforming over 50 tons a year of discarded and lost flip-flops in the Ocean and on our lands and up-cycling them into art. We hope it brings attention to this problem globally.” Tons of plastic is dumped into the ocean which causes hindrances that prevent freshwater and food for animals and human beings alike. As a world, we depend on one another and our mammal friends of the ocean and it is imperative to continue the mission of Ocean Sole.

This Thursday we’re saluting Ocean Sole and their stunning figurines! We celebrate their contribution to supporting the longevity of our oceans and the marine life of the ocean.

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