Mixing Modern Materials with Backlit Finishes- Part 2

Leather Wall Panels

Leather is no longer relegated to overstuffed couches in dimly lit, den-like spaces. With a luxurious aesthetic and sense of permanence, leather panels are moving into primary spaces as interior wall panels and flooring.

 (Above left: leather wall panels by Studioart, above right: from InteriorDesignTutor.net)

Qualities: luxurious, textured, tactile, sound absorbent

Appearance: uniform surface color in deep natural tones, optional geometric patterns, soft texture becomes more expressed as the leather ages

Found in: class A offices, high-end formal spaces

Design tip for stone: The deep natural tones found in leather and stone are complementary. To showcase the stone,  choose a leather that has a natural uniform surface and keep the leather panel sizes consistent. If leather is the main focal point, choose a stone with minimal veining and minimal color contrast.

Design tip for alternative surface: Backlit glass panels will lighten up the heavy aesthetic of leather panels while maintaining the sense of high-end luxury. Non-textured glass looks best with bold geometric leather panels.  Large expanses of backlit glass surfaces will relieve a busy pattern of small leather panels.