Heartfelt LED Lighting by molo

The creative folks at molo design are one of my all-time favorites for their clever manipulation of materials and lighting, and they’ve added another dimension of philanthropy to their latest design. For the Heartfelt collection, molo partnered with Architecture for Humanity to turn tote bags into portable LED lanterns.

Heartfelt LED Backlit Lantern Tote Design by Molo

The hand-painted red dot on each bag is a Japanese sun disc. The rising sun has occupied a symbolic place in Japanese culture since at least the 7th century and become the icon of the Japanese flag.  The white background signifies peace and honesty, while the red circle stands for strength and courage. Although sometimes viewed as a representation of extreme imperialism, the sun disc generally represents good luck and national pride.

All proceeds from Heartfelt benefit the relief efforts in Japan, so you can feel good as you stroll the city streets while sporting this innovative design. The bags can be plugged into a wall for connected illumination, or powered via battery for ultimate portability.  Better hurry if you’d like to get your hands on one of the limited 50 bags that were produced, they’re sure to “rise” to popularity!

Image credit: molo