Surfaces + Colored Light = Cozy Encapsulation At A New York Nightclub

The Cienna Ultralounge in NYC- This project piqued our interest for several reasons – highly conceptual design, sophisticated use of colored LED lighting, and innovative materiality.

Cienna Ultralounge LED Illuminated Ceiling

Acrylic Strand LED Backlit Ceiling

Backlit Ceiling Amoeba

Designer Antonio Di Oronzo of Bluarch envisioned the ceiling as a cocoon-like element with soft, tactile, silky forms. To create this aesthetic, nearly 90,000 illuminated acrylic strands are suspended in amoeba-like shapes on the ceiling plane. The LED acrylic strands can shift in relation to the club music. One can imagine the sense of encapsulation is further enforced when the strands are slowly and mysteriously pulsing.

Given that RGB backlighting can sometimes get a bad rap –in this project, how were the various design elements executed to make the final result so successful?

Image Credit: BlueArch, FrameMag