Thursday Salute to Originals: Sweet Design

Struggling to make a dent in that sky-high pile of candy from this Easter Sunday? Try repurposing that old marshmallow Peep in your next design project (who eats those things, anyways?!). These designers take sugary sweets to a whole new level, translating the materiality and connotations of sugar into distinct objects. From technical to pure imagination, sugary creations form the focal elements in these designs:

Above: Stardust Lamp by Won Joon Lee

The Stardust Lamp, inspired by the shape of a sugar molecule, was developed by immersing LED diodes in a bath of sugar water. Sugar crystals grow around the LEDs, encasing them in crystalline forms.  The delicate sugary light sources contrast with the precision metal board.  The designer plans to continue to iterate this design.  Keep your eyes peeled for new innovations, we’re sure Won Joon Lee’s experiments will continue to unleash some creative forces!

Above: Sugar Chair by Pieter Brenner

Playing on the colorful stripes of a lollipop, Pieter Brenner created Sugar Chair as a commentary on consumption and capitalism. Pieter wants users to shape the chair through the process of consuming/licking the surface. The designer places strong emphasis on his desire to embrace creativity and playfulness in this wacky design. Want to own one? You might need a Golden Ticket. The designer doesn’t disclose the price on his website, reserving ownership for a few lucky elite.

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