Thursday Salute to Originals: Voices of the Earth

Over the past several months (due to the magical networking powers of LinkedIn) I’ve had the wonderful pleasure of connecting with Robin Acker Bush, founder and president of Voices of the Earth. Based out of Langley, Washington, Robin and her team capture underwater photographic images that can be applied to a myriad of surfaces in interior environments.

No two photographs are the same, and as Robin eloquently explains, while seemingly suspended in time in the depths of the ocean, the moment in which each image is captured is vividly imprinted in the photographer’s mind.  Check out these images – close ups of underwater sea creatures with stunning coloration and patterning.

Printed Nature Image Photographs

Printed Underwater Nature Image Photograph

But it’s really about more than the gorgeous photographs – Robin’s message resounds with a strong artistic drive and dedication to bringing nature to the forefront of design discourse.  Robin’s creations are typically used in healthcare design (imagine: mysteriously soothing underwater images in as you enter a hospital lobby) and have a wonderful capacity for backlighting. She is also breaking into the hospitality industry with full force, so look out for her stunning images in up and coming design projects.

This Thursday, we salute you Robin for your dedication to the artistry of nature and unique approach that renders each image a truly original experience!

Image Credit: Voices of the Earth