Artistic Backlighting for Park Plaza Hotel Feature Walls

While the exterior of building has been criticized with terms that approximate “foreign spaceship”, the interior of the Park Plaza Westminster Bridge Hotel in London employs deep textures and artistic expression. From carpet inscribed with poetry verses to high-end artwork, understated luxury abounds. But what really take center stage in this interior are the illuminated feature walls at the main entry staircase.

Illuminated Mesh Light Walls at Park Plaza Hotel Main Entrance

Designed to augment the journey through the hotel entrance with a translucent boundary, Digital Space created these massively scaled backlit walls. Framing the main staircase, the walls sweep hotel visitors from the ground floor entrance up into the first level reception area. The woven plastic mesh panels with dimensional texture provide a tactile surface with just the right amount of transparency for the visual and lighting effects the designer envisioned. LED light fixtures graze the inner surface of the wall to illuminate the mesh, changing shades of color as the day progresses.

Backlit Glass Mesh Feature Walls Park Plaza Westminster Bridge
LED Illumination System forPark Plaza Westminster Bridge Feature Walls

With the unique surface choice, even continuous backlighting, and controllable color schemes, the custom illuminated wall contributes a boutique feel to this large contemporary hotel. Can’t wait to get our hands on a sample of the lovely mesh and have some fun with backlighting in our Design Lab…!

Image credits: Frame Mag