Designing a Beautiful Sickness in LED Backlit Glass

Make sure to wear surgical gloves and a hospital mask if you ever have the fortune to visit a Pieke Bergmans display. Her works have an infection that runs rampant through the crystal she hand blows. The disease twists and mutilates water carafes, vases, and crystal light “bulbs” of her Design Virus collection into shapes that don’t belong in the ordinary world, taking mundane forms and making them into something organic, alive, and flowing.

Pieke Bergmans LED Glowing Glass

Resting on office furniture, hanging in defiance of gravity, or scorching a table with their fever, her LED light “blubs” ignore conventional doctrine and defy the shapes to which we have accustomed ourselves. The vases lie in all different places and even lounging in a puddle seeking relief.

Pieke Bergmans Space Invaders Custom Glass In Puddle

Pieke Bergmans Massive Infection

We enjoy the work of this Dutch artist and cannot wait to have an infected lamp blistering the studio desks at our office.

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