Thursday Salute to Originals: Take a Photograph and See How Far You’ve Come

Dear Photograph Journey

Feeling nostalgic? Then head on over to and immerse yourself in the heart-warming senses of family and time. The site’s premise involves taking old pictures, holding them in front of a camera where they were originally taken, and then snapping a new photograph. The result brings bygone times back to the present, making them all the more accessible. Looking at pictures like this seems to make the past come alive and can quickly cause a phone call to a parent or close family member.

Dear Photograph Couple on Bench

The theme of tracing development by referencing the built environment runs through many of the photographs.

Dear Photograph Disneyland

The originator, Taylor Jones, arrived at the idea about a month-and-a-half ago while flipping through old family photos at his parents’ kitchen table in Toronto. Still living at home after graduating from college, the twenty-one year old Taylor has seen his concept grow exponentially and already has a book deal in place. With millions visiting the site and many sending in their own pictures with captions, this idea touches the soul of a society that can often feel disconnected from its own roots and loved ones.  We salute Taylor for recognizing this longing and providing a platform for expression.

Dear Photograph Shrub

How will your architectural spaces create distinct memories and span time?

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