Thursday Salute to Originals: Tomohiro

A talented sculptor can make amazing pieces; but it entails an artist with a true gift to show one being unmade.

Tomohiro Inaba excels at making metal sculptures, using wires in an innovative way to add an ethereal quality. He begins with normal organic figures, made perfectly to scale, but leaves them “unfinished”.

These pieces appear to disintegrate into thin air, with strong metal depictions sometimes devolving into complex tangles of wires, or just absent of large segments, or even made entirely out of a wire snarl. Strangely, though they may seem incomplete objects, these sculptures actually possess a living quality of movement, making them appear all the more real.

Since 2003, his works have told powerful stories that encourage the viewer to contribute their own perspective. While Tomohiro Inaba’s otherworldly works may not completely inhabit our plane of existence, they certainly provide a powerful impact.

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