Design Inspiration: Celestial Cardboard Lighting Fixtures

Being in the lighting design industry, we here at GPI, just can’t resist when we discover a cool, new product that embodies light and a little original innovation. That being said, we thought we would share these cool new light fixtures that look more like celestial planets than pendant lights. Made from layers upon layers of upcycled cardboard, these pendants, called Jupiter Scrap lights, are functional works of art.

Jupiter Series Scrap Lighting Fixtures in Cluster Design Arrangement

The way in which the cardboard filters the light creates interesting, dream-like patterns. The corrugation of the cardboard allows light to penetrate in random variations, creating softly undulating waves of light and shadow on nearby surfaces; you almost think you are in the Milky Way. Even the exterior of the fixture itself glows with a surreal watercolor-esque aesthetic that embodies the fluid nature of the planet Jupiter in both light and material form. Such simple, commonplace materials, yet so dynamically beautiful. Bravo!

Jupiter Series Scrap Lighting Fixtures Casting Shadows on Wall Surface

Image credit: Graypants