Design Trends: Perforated Surfaces

In design, it’s not always what you add, but instead what you take away that makes the biggest impact. Case and point: perforations. This design trend has been taking off in all areas, and can be found on interior walls, ceilings, building exteriors, and even furniture.

Unlike simply adding elements to create visual interest, this subtractive method uses the “less is more” philosophy to enhance aesthetics. The voids create dramatic and visually light spaces that not only look sleek and clean, but fresh and dynamic. Take a peek at some of our favorite uses of perforations below.

Perforated Surfaces Interior Design Architectural Industrial Design Ideas

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Images compiled by GPI Design

Individual image credits: PWSteel, TheCoolHunter, GoToInteriorDesign, DesignSpotter, DesignMilk, LouiseCampbell, InteriorShowOff, ChicTip