Thursday Salute to Originals: Ms. Elegant, Pearly Ceramic Tile

This week, we are looking at this extraordinary application of ceramic tiles in exterior design. Ceramic tile possesses a high durability and is easy to maintain. It is commonly used for wall, floor, and roof covering. Modern manufacturing techniques have made it possible for this ancient material to be produced in various colors, shapes, and sizes, allowing architects and designers to create both artistic and functional décor pieces.

The exterior of this elegant-looking music hall by Spanish architect Cor & Asociados in a village near Alicante, Spain is comprised of pearly porcelain tiles. Slightly different from stoneware tiles, which are the classical ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles have more breaking and wearing resistance. To achieve this iridescent effect, each plate went through the process of firing (three times), vitrifying, and metals disposition.

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Music Hall and HousePin It

Music Hall and House ExteriorPin It

Unlike many projects GPI Design creates where our clients desire an evenly illuminated surface with artificial lighting, the exterior of this music hall interacts with perspective and natural light. If you look closely, you’ll realize that the ceramic tiles are perfectly flat even though they appear to be dimensional and ceramic tiles with dimension have been an important feature of Spanish design. The constant change in its light reflection creates a vibrant movement and enables the building to appear less massive in a subtle way.

Image Credits: Dezeen