Thursday Salute to Originals: An Illusory Point of View

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Photoshop? No, this is all real painting!

Switzerland-born artist Felice Varini has spent the past 30 years creating what’s called Anamorphic Illusion. This brilliant street art form is defined by a single vantage view point from which the viewer can see the complete painting, while from other view points the viewer will see fragmented shapes.

“Generally I roam through the space noting its architecture, materials, function and history”, Varini explains. “From these spatial data and in reference to the last piece I produced, I designate a specific vantage point for viewing from which my intervention takes shape.”

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What we find particularly appealing about Varini’s work is that quite frequently, he uses gorgeous Italian and French architecture as his canvas for painting. The concrete historical buildings and archways melt into the background and create a dramatic contrast with the modern and abstract geometric patterns.

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When seen from the intended vantage point, the painted pattern doesn’t interrupt the existing space and surfaces. That’s why our mind tricks us to think it’s been photoshopped onto the picture. However, the physical presence of the lines and shapes interestingly alters our perception of that space when we move away from the “right” view point.

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Varini’s installations can be likened to the long-awaited arrival at a design solution, or the calculated theatrical execution of architectural spaces. Have you ever struggled to navigate all of the pieces of a design puzzle, then suddenly in a magical moment they all fall into place?

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