Thursday Salute to Originals: Sample Sample

Interior designers who earned their stripes by purging and organizing the fabric sections of material libraries can relate to this one! Or would hanging these images on your wall drive you crazy? Inspired by the layering and weaving patterns inherent in textiles, this graphic art series Sample Sample begs for interpretation. To create the 2D images, the elusive Zeitguised studio expertly conducts color, texture, form, and shadow in their representations of woven textiles.

Sample Sample Zeitguised Argyle Image

Portrayal of Argyle

Each block of color is given its own space, and that space seems to undulate in and out, forming peaks and valleys that appear to have been photographed from an object in real life.

Portrayal of Plaid

Portrayal of Tartan

What makes these images so compelling to us is that they defy scale; the interpretations can range from the weave of carpet, scaly snake skin, stacks of legos, or the massing of an urban space. How do you see it?

Image credits: Zeitguised