Thursday Salute to Originals: WeBike Brings A Little Exercise to Your Workday

Between hours of computer work at the office each day, and catching up on primetime television shows at night, our technology-dependent lifestyles do not exactly promote the physical exercise our body needs to stay fit. We-Watt, a Belgian company, is attempting to counteract the effects of the digital age by designing WeBike Pedal Powered Table, an innovative way to log in some physical activity without hitting the gym. WeBike is a three-seat workstation that allows users to generate their own electricity by pedaling at a gentle pace while they work on projects, read a book, or catch up with friends.

WeBike offers many benefits to its users that extend far beyond the realm of physical activity. Because each set of pedals has the capability of producing an electric output of 30 watts, users can charge their mobile devices and laptops without negatively impacting the environment. An interactive LED display in front of each seat measures the amount of manpower being generated and translates it into the AC power needed to charge electronics. The faster the user pedals, the brighter the LEDs will light up, expressing a greater amount of available electricity for devices plugged into the desk.

In addition to bettering the environment, WeBike has the ability to better the health of its users. The product was designed as a response to a European Parliament address concerning the dangers associated with long stretches of sedentary activity at the workplace, which include coronary heart disease, type II diabetes, and obesity. As more offices strive to integrate exercise programs into the daily routine, WeBike provides a solution that blends work and physical activity. How? Work performance is consistently higher after physical exercise, and the same holds true for work performance during simultaneous physical activity. Workers cycling at the office for just 30 minutes of the day will actually increase speed-reading, decision-making, and memory by 30%!

Of course we couldn’t resist from talking about the design of this cutting-edge office product! Combining functionality and aesthetics to create a sustainable form of energy, this workstation is constructed out of 30 eco-friendly materials. While recycled leather is used for the comfortable seats, recycled cedar is stained and shaped into smooth curves for the body and table.

  • Thirty Minutes on WeBike daily
  • Thirty Watts produced by the pedals
  • Thirty Materials used in the sustainable design
  • Thirty Percent increase in workplace productivity

Finally, a piece of office furniture that is sleek, sustainable, smart, and helps keep you skinny! What’s not to love? The only thing we can think of is the $13,000 price tag…

Image credits: WeWatt, GizMag